TEC-T323-3W Isotope Reactor Fob

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Install tritium vials and assemble as shown in the last photo.

Installation Instructions:

Remove the Reactor assembly from the foam packaging. NOTE: The cap is not retained in place during shipping and can separate from the body once removed from the packaging.
Remove the cap. NOTE: Leave the glass window and o-rings in place.
Install the 3 tritium vials (not supplied) in each of the 3 bores. Make sure each vial is seated into the holes at the bottom of the spindle.
Install the rubber plugs on top of the tritium vials. NOTE: The rubber plugs need to get pushed into the bore below the spindle surface to prevent movement of the 3 tritium vials. DO NOT USE HIGH FORCE TO INSTALL THE RUBBER PLUG INTO THE HOLE, AS YOU MAY DAMAGE THE GLASS TRITIUM VIAL.
Re-install the cap.
Install the small O-ring over the spindle shaft, into the shaft groove.
Install the split ring through the hole in the spindle shaft.

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